The cofounders of Aloe Vera Naxos conceived the idea of establishing a company aimed at working exclusively with Greek producers. In this way the company actively contributes to the development of the island and in turn the country, while simultaneously promoting the biological cultivation of Aloe vera. The company aims to maintain and strengthen its position in the market and to meet consumer needs in every way possible. Its ability to process and produce certified organically pure Aloe vera gel makes Aloe Vera Naxos pioneers in the Greek market.



P U R E   O R G A N I C   P O W E R

The company’s vision is to become a leader in the Greek market of organic Aloe vera gel production. This can be achieved by being true to its values and aspirations that include the following:

• A passion to create

• Respect towards people and the environment

• Responsibility and professionalism

• Growth and development in existing markets

• Ensuring significant collaboration at all levels

• Swift expansion, effective management and the use of all available resources.


Innovation and the search for new ideas is key to the development of the business. Future objectives involve:

  • To maintain a passion for innovation and an uncompromising commitment to quality.
  • To develop and expand whilst respecting the environment, consumers and the community.
  • To support and be active in the Greek market and economy.