Aloe Vera Naxos grows and cultivates its entire crop on private property in Naxos, Greece. The farmlands are controlled and certified for organic agriculture and are in no way exploited, either physically and chemically. Adherence to stringent quality control procedures, in accordance with European Economic Community standards, and organic farming is guaranteed by state certification in this case, the Greek organization for organic products DIOnet (ΔΗΩ). In addition, the plant species are certified Aloe barbadensis Miller and hold official verification documents.

The climate in Naxos is ideal for cultivating biologically grown Aloe vera. Today it is believed that Greece, along with Spain and Israel, constitute the best areas in the world for the production and supply of organically grown Aloe (World Journal of Nutrition and Health, 2015, 3, 1, 1-7). Specially selected low-lying, south facing slopes are chosen and certified for farming and the leaves are processed immediately after harvesting. Harvesting of mature plants occurs only after flowering, when all leaf constituents are at their highest concentrations. It involves the careful removal of three to four of the outermost mature leaves from the mother plant.  Proper cutting of each leaf entails pulling it back and cutting at the white base.  By maintaining the base of the leaf intact it is sealed from possible microbial contamination.

The close proximity of all the farmland to the processing plant is a major benefit and allows for very short harvest-processing time lapses. This is very beneficial to the quality and yield of the final product. In addition, our manufacturing procedure has been designed to maintain the active ingredients in the gel at a maximum.